Last update: Nov. 2016

“Privacy Policy” objective

Vuble is committed to protecting your privacy and giving you control over the use of your data.

The Vuble’s Privacy and Cookie Policy applies to Vuble video content and advertising services (the “Platform” or the “Service”) using our own technologies or third parties solutions, operated through Vuble company or any of its subsidiary or affiliate companies (“Vuble” or “We”), to visitors of our Customer’s websites, applications, widgets, connected through the Internet and interacting with the Service. It describes our practices in terms of data collection, protection, use and disclosure.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy can be updated from time to time (see Last update at the beginning if this document) without prior notice.

What information we collect

As well as many digital service providers, we may use technologies that collect anonymous statistical data on how the Service is used.

When we display our Service to end users through our Customers websites or applications, we may collect anonymous information that the visitor’s browser automatically sends to the server such as :

  • The user IP address in order to estimate its approximate location (country / region / city) and display content and ads relevant to its location, as well as using our nearest servers to reduce latency to display our Service and improve user experience.
  • Eventually the “user agent” (ie, browser, type of device) and the presence of Flash plugin, for a suitable rendering adapted to the device or browser specificities;
  • Date and time of the request.

We may also collect non-personally identifiable information regarding the use of the Service, such as the url on which the Service was displayed, or the visitor’s interaction with the Service.

3d party data: We may also use 3d party non-personally identifiable data regarding user interests or demographics (as an example, Vuble occasionally uses Nieslen Exelate services to provide data and targeting information). Besides, our Service may give access to 3d party contents or links (like a Facebook “like” button within a video for instance or a link to an advertisers website).These 3d parties collect the data by their own, following their own privacy policy, and although we pay a great attention in selecting the well-known and professional 3d party partners we work with, we can’t provide any guarantee regarding their privacy policy, security measures, or any responsibility for the way they collect or use these data.

How we collect it: cookies and beacons

Vuble uses “cookies”. Cookies are small files containing text, placed on your device when you visit a website. “Session cookie” are suppressed once you close your browser. They are used to store anonymous data related to the content or ad delivery. “Persistent cookie” remains on the device for a more extended period of time, but only as long as necessary to fulfill our legitimate business need and as required by law. They are used to store anonymous data, either measured (for instance, the unique device has already seen this ad) or inferred (for instance, the kind of ads the unique device seems to like).

Cookie technology is anonymous as it doesn’t identify a user personally, just a unique device. Note it can’t damage the system or files of the device.

“Beacons”, or also known as tracking pixel tags, are transparent images, iframes or javascript placed in a web page or in the Service. They typically help us to measure specific actions done on the page or within the Service, like clicking on a video advertising to visit the brand’s website, or interacting with the video. We may in some cases use 3d party providers for beacons placement or processing.

How we use information

We typically use data collected in two ways:

Real time ad or content optimization: it allows us to manage the delivery of our Service (ie, display of content and ad), avoid displaying the same ad over and over, to select ad or content that are likely to interest you, to improve your experience (for instance, through geotargeting, choosing an ad in your language or dedicated to users of your country), to stop displaying an ad you choose to ignore or skip.

Statistical Reporting: compiling these data as anonymous aggregated statistics, to show for instance how many unique devices have been exposed to the ad, how the advertising campaign performed, how many clicks on the ad, etc.

What information we disclose

Aggregate and non-personal information about our users may be disclosed for marketing, advertising research, or other purposes, to our Customers or third parties, and shall be used for no other purpose than those set by Vuble and within respect of this Privacy and Cookie Policy. We don’t use the data collected through our Service for any commercial purpose unrelated to the Service.

We also may have to disclose information for legal compliance: for instance, comply with applicable law and regulation, court order, request for law enforcement, or as evidences in litigation we may be involved to protect our rights.

Non-personally identifiable data may be used, shared or transferred between Vuble companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, for business or operational reasons.


The data stored on our servers are only anonymous information (ie, non-personally identifiable). Once the data is stored, we use strict directions to try our best to prevent unauthorized access, such as firewalled servers, encryption, secured databases, and controlled and secured access rights for a very limited number of persons on these servers.

Your choice: Opt out / cookie management

As your choice matters to us, we adopted a cookie opt out process. It allows you to opt out from our advertising cookie database. It means we will no longer place information in a cookie on your computer or process the information associated to the cookie.

Follow the link here to proceed to opt out from our base and cookie drop: Please note that opt out will place a special cookie on your device to do ensure we don't collect your data anymore. Please note that if you remove this cookie, you will also suppress our ability to keep you opt out.

You can also change your browser settings in order to be informed of cookie drop, decline the cookie drop or remove cookies placed on your device. Please refer to directions provided by your favorite browser in its Help or Support section. You can find below some useful information on popular browsers:

Please be advised that by choosing to block the Service cookies (or all cookies), some features of our Service may not be usable (or not as well), like tailoring the content or ad to your presumed interests, or stop displaying you a particular ad you’ve already seen.

Compliance with market regulation

Vuble is an active member of IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau). Through this Privacy and Cookie Policy, Vuble whish to be compliant with the self regulatory principles of the digital advertising market regarding data management and privacy: IAB Europe OBA (online behavioural Advertising) principles framework, although Vuble has not yet asked to EDAA’s membership ( and Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) in the USA.

Request more info

For any further questions or comments regarding Vuble’s Privacy and Cookie Policy, you can contact us at the following address: contact arobase

  • For Europe: Vuble - 34 rue de Clery, 75002 PARIS, France
  • For America: Vuble Inc – 1133 Broadway – suite 418, New York City, 10010 NEW YORK, USA

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