Buying Programmatic Out-Stream Videos
with the Assurance of 100% Completion and 100% Viewability

An Out-Stream Campaign Should Not Just Consist Of Displaying an Advertisement and Hoping It Performs Well Based on Where It Loads on a Page, It Should Factor the Users Actual Attention and Behavior.

As a Result, Vuble Is Able To Bridge The Gap Between In-Stream and Out-Stream Video


Reach a large and premium audience at scale.

Currently integrated with Tier 1 publishers, ensuring that we capture the correct target audience for advertisers

Pay for actual completed views and 100% viewability – the only way to ensure campaign efficiency

Greater management, control and transparency of the campaigns integrated with reliable data sources (user profiling, behavior, semantic analysis of editorial), all optimized with real-time reporting.


Thinking about efficiency, we believe that VTR in itself is not the most
reliable metric. Viewability also plays a major role, however, what would
you consider the most efficient: 3 seconds at 100% viewability or 6 seconds
at 50% viewability?
At Vuble, our belief is that the only metric that should represent a
campaigns effieciency should be 100% completion rate with 100%
viewability, which is what advertisers should only pay for.

There are many ways to work with our platform, from a Self Service to a
Fully Managed Service. Either way, we are comitted to bringing the best
performing results.


Vuble offers different types of Out-Stream formats, available on both desktop and mobile.

Both encapsulate user profiling, sophisticated targeting and real time user behavioral targeting to accomplish the best user experience and advertising performance.

Check out our formats here.

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